WWZ Screaming Zombie Deluxe Mask-Adult

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This Deluxe WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask is not your average zombie mask. For one, it depicts not a slow and unfeeling undead, but rather, a zombie-monster fueled by powerful feelings of hunger and wild rage, which drive it to shriek and sprint and charge. This mask features a pale complexion with a purple-ish hue, due in part to an advancing state of decay. Discolored veins, filled with infected blood, run just under the skin, and some even bulge out. Spots of patchy, short hair adorn the zombies head. Milky, cloudy eyes gaze ever-forward with unthinking, unfeeling hunger, while an open maw exposes two rows of teeth. This mask is made entirely from high-quality latex, and covers not just the entire head, but also the neck and part of the collar, too, thanks to a flap extension. It also possesses opened slits, just under the eyes, to allow the wearer to see out with ease. This zombie mask is based on the appearance of a zombie in the feature film, World War Z, and as such, is a licensed product of the movie. Some zombie masks are to be taken with a bit of humor or are designed for outright horror. This Deluxe WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask is something more, using monstrous details and touches of realism to make it infinitely more terrifying.

Key Features:

  • Licensed Mask Based on the Undead in the Film, World War Z
  • Creates the Appearance of an Infected and Wild Looking Zombie
  • Covers the Entirety of the Head and Part of the Collar
  • Features Eye Slits to Allow for Easy Seeing
  • Fantastic for Zombie Costumes, Walks, Events, Outbreaks, and More


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens